1. Aug, 2020

Lest we forget

Each week from the milkman I get 2litres of milk on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I also get orange juice on Monday and Friday, and half-a-dozen eggs once a fortnight. That is my fixed order and handles my breakfast requirements. The milkman calls around at 5am in his silent electric van. So he is eco-friendly, there’s no minimum order and no delivery charge – it’s all combined with the milk delivery. This is a service that has been going on for decades. Milk used to be delivered in pint glass bottles which you washed when empty and put them on the doorstep for collection. Well although the 2litre bottle are plastic, the trend is back to pint glass bottles. The juice is delivered in glass bottles. When I need extras like bread, butter, cheese, even garden compost, I can order online and it all comes with the milk. The variable milk bill is handled by direct debit as opposed to the old way of handing over cash. The range of products now available for delivery with the doorstep milk is increasing exponentially and most are supplied by small producers. So with restricted mobility and no car, the milkman is fast becoming my supermarket of choice and convenience.