31. Jul, 2020


It seems that the only way of dealing with this Coronavirus pandemic is to shut everything down and isolate everyone, but that is not how society works. Whatever level people have with human contact, we all need interpersonal communication of some form. Even when it’s not face-to-face we need critical features of society to operate, almost automatically. There has to be someone to keep the electricity going  and there have to be people to collect and distribute goods – for daily living and manufacture. So thinking out of the box was never a more relevant approach. But we’re tied into a society that may have new technology but whose line of development has not really changed over the centuries. What may seem like radical changes on occasions are often discoveries waiting to happen. It needs someone to realise that a combination of things has a cause and effect that appears to produce something miraculous. Electricity was always there but it’s not something you can see, so it needed someone to understand the science of how to activate it. From that small step, a whole series of connections happened and so as a consequence we are in the digital age now. But we still work in offices, or work places and live in houses or flats that have the same basic interiors. We are all sentient beings but with the same fundamental make-up. The Internet provides a form of telepathy but it doesn’t directly connect people’s brains. It does however provide a partial solution to restricted interpersonal contact. Science fiction attempts to visualise societies that do not conform to any aspect of human society but this is difficult to conceptualise.