As I see it.....

4. Aug, 2020

It seems terrible that while we enjoy the syncopated music of Scott Joplin and the faultless voice of Ella Fitzgerald, because they were black they suffered irrational prejudice. I would say that Jews are more than justified to shout out against racial prejudice. But Jews are mostly white and there are even some who are racially prejudiced against black people. This is not to diminish the horrors of the holocaust and the fact that it was a white society who was guilty of the crime. But it is true to say that black history has often been romanticised or just treated as an event without any compassion. So although there is a justification for the current demonstrations against the years of grievances against black people, like all demonstrations it gathers it own destructive power. What starts off as a genuine call to arms becomes just that with the true message being submerged by opportunist thuggery gangs. Really they are a very small group and given more attention than the cause they hijack. That fact in itself supports the racial prejudice view through its narrow reportage. History should not be rewritten, but it should be as truthful as it can however embarrassing it is to parts of society today. Many countries and thus societies, became wealthy from the slave trade and maybe some form of reparations are practical. But rather than just handing over cash it should integrate all societies into a world of progress and understanding.


1. Aug, 2020

Each week from the milkman I get 2litres of milk on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I also get orange juice on Monday and Friday, and half-a-dozen eggs once a fortnight. That is my fixed order and handles my breakfast requirements. The milkman calls around at 5am in his silent electric van. So he is eco-friendly, there’s no minimum order and no delivery charge – it’s all combined with the milk delivery. This is a service that has been going on for decades. Milk used to be delivered in pint glass bottles which you washed when empty and put them on the doorstep for collection. Well although the 2litre bottle are plastic, the trend is back to pint glass bottles. The juice is delivered in glass bottles. When I need extras like bread, butter, cheese, even garden compost, I can order online and it all comes with the milk. The variable milk bill is handled by direct debit as opposed to the old way of handing over cash. The range of products now available for delivery with the doorstep milk is increasing exponentially and most are supplied by small producers. So with restricted mobility and no car, the milkman is fast becoming my supermarket of choice and convenience.

31. Jul, 2020

It seems that the only way of dealing with this Coronavirus pandemic is to shut everything down and isolate everyone, but that is not how society works. Whatever level people have with human contact, we all need interpersonal communication of some form. Even when it’s not face-to-face we need critical features of society to operate, almost automatically. There has to be someone to keep the electricity going  and there have to be people to collect and distribute goods – for daily living and manufacture. So thinking out of the box was never a more relevant approach. But we’re tied into a society that may have new technology but whose line of development has not really changed over the centuries. What may seem like radical changes on occasions are often discoveries waiting to happen. It needs someone to realise that a combination of things has a cause and effect that appears to produce something miraculous. Electricity was always there but it’s not something you can see, so it needed someone to understand the science of how to activate it. From that small step, a whole series of connections happened and so as a consequence we are in the digital age now. But we still work in offices, or work places and live in houses or flats that have the same basic interiors. We are all sentient beings but with the same fundamental make-up. The Internet provides a form of telepathy but it doesn’t directly connect people’s brains. It does however provide a partial solution to restricted interpersonal contact. Science fiction attempts to visualise societies that do not conform to any aspect of human society but this is difficult to conceptualise.