The calendar with a 3D printed base dodecahedron frame (PLA). So there is no interlocking cardboard sections now and no locking tabs. The month panels are simply stuck on each section and the overall look is much neater. Although this doesn't make it a perpetual calendar, the months can be peeled off and new ones added per year. The frame can be continually used every year.

Although this picture is essentially the same as January for the 2014 calendar, the banner provides a space for the year making it very practical. I've used a retro skier and altered the typeface.

Although I've tried to make the calendar universal, it reflects the culture of the UK where I live. So this month refers to St. Valentine's Day, but you need a bit of lateral thinking to see it. I've used 'King Kong' as the love interest but chosen a comic style.

March may not always be a windy month, but it's traditional to refer to it as such. This image uses the simple reference of a weather vane against a windy pattern. The typeface is also intended to convey wind.

April 23rd is St. George's Day who is the patron saint of England in the UK. The British sovereign coin shows St. George fighting the dragon and I've used a simpler graphic version here. The flag of England and St. George is a red cross on a white background, so that too has been included.

May 1st is Labour Day in many countries and whatever your political beliefs, one should always honour the workers. Without them ideas may be formed but not acted upon. Here a welder works on a job.

I like Punch and Judy. It's still a seaside entertainment in the UK after several hundred years. Although this image is unchanged as June from the 2014 calendar, I can't really better it.

In the UK and for the tennis world in general, the Lawn Tennis Association holds its annual championship at Wimbledon, London. It's the highlight of the tennis grand slam season to win a Wimbledon title - for both men and women.

August is a time when many people go on holiday with the family. For the UK it's a short hop across the English Channel or North Sea to the Continent (the rest of Europe). You can now go by train under the Channel, but the sea ferries are more bracing.

This image is influenced by the Japanese artist Hokusai, using a crashing wave. It doesn't really have any specific reference to September - I just wanted to add water somewhere.

October is harvest time in the UK and there are many apple orchards in the west of England, from which cider is made. Bramley apples are one of the best cooking varieties.

On November 5th 1605 Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in England. He was discovered and the plot failed, but every year it is remembered by firework displays all across the UK.

The Pantomime is a traditional theatre event in the UK around Christmas time. It is high on audience interaction and often uses nursery rhymes as the base from which to add topical references. 'Puss in Boots' or 'Dick Whittingham and his Cat' is a common one.