"Piano Sonata No. 8 in C Minor 'Pathetique' - Adagio Cantabile" by Beethoven

"Funeral March Of A Marionette" by Gounod

This music was used to introduce Alfred Hitchcock's tv series.

"Lieutenant Kije Suite - Kije's Wedding" by Prokofiev

This music was also used as background to the British 1958 film "The Horse's Mouth"

"Black Key Etude and Waltz in c-sharp minor" by Chopin

Battle of the pianos from the Korean film "Secrets".

"Magic" by Coldplay

"La Calinda" by Frederick Delius

"Arabesque No. 1" by Claude Debussy

An electronic version by Isao Tomita from his album "Snowflakes Are Dancing"

"Berceuse" by Gustave Fauré

This music was used to introduce "Listen With Mother" for kindergarten children on the BBC radio in the 1950s.

"Ouro Sobre Azul" by Ernesto Nazereth

"Gymnopédie No.3" by Erik Satie

"Salut d'Amour" by Edward Elgar

"Three Quarter Blues" by George Gershwin

"Theme One" by George Martin

The original used to open the first broadcast of BBC Radio 1