My design for a dodecahedron 2014 calendar made from stiff card with different graphics for each month.

The calendar is created from two independent halves that slot together to form the final figure.

Each side of each half there is a long tab per section which sticks to the adjacent section and eventually closes to form an open cup-like half.

Once each tab is stuck in position, each half displays six months of the year on the outer sides.

One half has tabs which fit into the slots of the other half. The shape is held together by its rigid form and each half does not need to be stuck to the other. It is designed for ease of assembly.

For the January graphic I have referenced Winter sports. The Public Holidays are not identified, so the calendar can be used in any country.

Even though the calendar does not identify Public or special holidays, in some cases I have made the graphics refer to a special event in that month. Here is the reference to St. Valentine's Day.

The graphic for March references the winds which are common in the Northern Hemisphere countries at this time of year.

April is not always wet but there's a song about April showers.

In the merry month of May, flowers are all about and the butterflies fly between them.

Punch and Judy remains a popular entertainment on British beaches after over three hundred years. Mr. Punch is a bad lot who somehow has escaped political correctness.

If you own a beach hut on the beach, you can almost have a home-from-home at the seaside.

If you're not off to the seaside, then a trip around the coastal towns is just as delightful.

As summer draws to a close the horizon still remains sunny.

The fields get ready for next year's harvest.

November the fifth refers to an attempt to blow up the English parliament in 1605 by Guy Fawkes. It's still commemorated with firework displays.

This is the graphic for December which acknowledges Christmas. No Public Holidays are identified, so it can be used in any country.