Squeezed into the only available space on Southsea beach, this couple are determined to enjoy their day at the seaside. Clearly relaxed and enjoying their ice-cream, it's interesting to note the different masculine and feminine way their hold the cone. Conventional photography scanned. See also a reduction of this to a line drawing in 'my graphics' section of this website.

The Rugby Club exercising in a training run across Southsea Common. There is nothing special about this photograph other than the fact that it is conventional photography and not digital. The grainy effect is natural through the speed and development of the film and resulting print, and this cannot be exactly produced as well digitally.

You might liken this photo to a mobius curve, in that it is an impossible picture. With two mirrors in the room opposite each other, the chandelier is reflected back and forth ad infinitum. Taken through conventional photography and scanned.

Taken through conventional printed photography, I saw these bins on an early morning walk. Standing there in a group of three they had an ethereal quality about them, and illustrated the beating they got at the hands of the bin collectors.