My take on the alternative Christmas card which takes at its heart the commercialism of Christmas. My use of wooden models is both a comment on the childhood aspect and an attempt to make the design as simple as possible. This was first project using SolidWorks.

I was asked to design a Wedding Invitation. I arrived at this design having received a free sample of washing powder posted through my door. I don't like the traditional wedding invitation and everything in this picture has a reference to how I see marriage.
The cartoon image is intended to make the wedding seem joyful (which it is). The ovals behind the cartoon are only there to bring the image forward, but the blue and pink stripes represent wallpaper in a lounge (traditionally mixing blue for a boy and pink for a girl). The green and orange squares are the kitchen table (we used to have such a pattern). All the text may appear to be gently attacking, but is both factual and traditional. After all, isn't marriage a bright relationship?

I think that traditional wedding invitations are so boring and so I created this alternative approach for a friend. Inside was a board game based on snakes and ladders (see next image). The drawing of the couple was created by redrawing over a photograph and then translating it into using a comic book style.

My take on the traditional SNAKES & LADDERS game converted to a courting game. The idea is to go up the hearts and down the tears. I've used pictorial clichés to illustrate different features of a growing relationship. There is a second sheet giving instructions to play and markers, etc. but there's no real value in adding that page here as well.

I was asked to design a 'bandage and sling party' invitation, but that seemed a rather complex picture. So I suggested this Bandage Party which was fully accepted. The design was created with black felt-tip pens to give a comic book style.

The heading to a Car Club poster - I played around with the text which for some reason connected in my mind with Coca Cola (it fitted!).

A reduction to a line drawing of a black and white photograph I took. I drew in the major features and left off detailed shading. The original photograph is in the photo section of this website.

A sketch for a garden invitation - unfortunately too creepy for the person I created it for!

A set of three glasses each with the same wrap-around design of boys in active play. The silhouettes were developed in a graphics CAD program then cut out from self-adhesive vinyl with a Cameo Silhouette, then fixed to the glass. Although gentle washing is advised, the images are firmly fixed and will not become detached.

Etched glass of three seagulls flying down around the glass. Created by first cutting an adhesive vinyl stencil using a Silhouette Cameo and then etching the glass using Armour etching cream